Wednesday, May 18, 2016

James: 5 Months Old

It's about time James got his own blog post.  (Keira got her first one at 1 month, Jude got his at 3 months, and James is 5 months...I'm seeing a pattern here!)  Well, it's not because we don't love him to pieces.  It's because we're so busy surviving soaking up every fun/crazy moment (which we've realized pass way too quickly!)

James loves to smile and from a super early age (like a month old) would seek out our faces and surprise us with huge grins!  He charms everyone we meet and makes new friends everywhere we go.

At a rest stop while hiking.  James especially has a way with Taiwanese grandmas.  ;)
Making friends in the church nursery
In keeping with his extroverted ways, he enjoys sitting up at the table with us during mealtimes...

...and is pretty happy to tag along on whatever adventures our day holds.

He loves sucking his thumb (and toes)!  

And takes the prize for best sleeper in our family.

He was baptized at the beginning of the month.  

He loves big sister and brother, and lights up when he hears their voices or sees their faces.

We gave him the Chinese name 聖安 (Sheng An).  安 means peaceful, calm, content, safe.

James, you are SO loved.

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