Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Let's Make Dumplings! 我們來包水餃吧!

I'm not a natural city gal, but one thing I truly love about living in Taipei is the opportunities to meet people.  There are no backyards here, so everyone goes to the park to play.  We go to the same parks nearly every day, and so I get to meet other neighborhood moms often.  We usually only chat in five-minute segments punctuated by "No throwing rocks!" "Spit out that leaf!" "Stay where I can see you!"--but despite that, over the past few years we've gotten to know each other.  :)

Today one of those friends invited several of us "park moms" over to make dumplings. 


I've been wanting to try my hand at wrapping dumplings for a couple years now, and it was such a fun experience.  The kids loved it too--I think they ate their weight in dumplings and egg drop soup.

I'm so thankful for these mom friends, who are patient and speak slowly when I can't quite keep up with the conversation, who pretend not to notice when I accidentally wear the bathroom slippers out into the living room*, who help put my kids' shoes on when I'm having trouble wrangling them all out the door.  

I'm thankful for friends who make us feel welcome and at home here.  

*In Taiwan, everyone takes their shoes off before entering a home and puts on house slippers.  When you go to the bathroom you change slippers because the bathrooms are often wet (many don't have bathtubs or a separate shower area) and this prevents water from being tracked all over the house).

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