Monday, July 30, 2012

Tainan I

Last week, Kalan had his summer vacation--a whole week off of work!  We headed down south to explore Tainan, the oldest city in Taiwan.  We did a lot of walking, checking out historical sites as we went.

Chikhan Towers
I loved all these colorful fish.
Old stone inscriptions...if you look closely at one tablet, you can see where the scribe made a mistake and turned it around instead of starting over.
Tainan is famous for its food.  Unfortunately, most of the food isn't gluten-free, but we did get to try this traditional melon tea...
Good, but a bit too sweet for our taste!

There were temples of all sizes on almost every street or tucked into alleys.  Outside this temple, a man was creating an idol out of wood.  Reminded me of Isaiah 44.
Tainan has a much more local feel than Taipei.  I would compare Taipei to Chicago, and Tainan to Green Bay.

I loved all the small winding alleyways with hanging flowers.  Beautiful.
We took frequent air-conditioned breaks from all that walking (mostly for my sake, being quite pregnant!)  We sipped cool drinks and read our books.  So relaxing.
In the evenings, we stayed at a wonderful backpacker's hostel.  We enjoyed hanging out with fellow travelers from around the world.  Our rooms was clean and the bed was soft like an American bed!  But the part of our room that really made me laugh was the toilet..."Mission Success!"

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kindergarten Graduation

Another semester is finished.  Kalan's kindergarten class had an elaborate graduation ceremony and summer performance for all the parents.  

Kalan with his class and co-teacher.

He did a great job.  :)  

The kids performed "Ali Baba," a musical that Kalan wrote himself.  I was pretty impressed with this group of 5-6 year olds!
Kalan and his coworkers

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Beach Bums

Shorter summer teaching hours + hot temperatures = three trips to the beach in the past three weeks.

Our first time at the beach this summer-- just Kalan and I

Baby Zhen Zhu's first beach trip
Our second trip to the beach--"Team Spoyce!"  We love these guys.

We cooled off at a cafe as the sun was setting

And enjoyed cold drinks while playing "Bang!"

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kayt's Trip to Wisconsin

I recently returned from a ten-day trip to first Stateside journey after two years in Taiwan.  Spending time with family and catching up with old friends was wonderful.  Here are a few photo highlights:

First meal in America after getting home from the airport: cheese curds, cheese slices, cheese spread, and a glass of real Wisconsin milk (can you guess what food I missed most?!)

Catching up with dear old friends, Liz and Matt Kee

We spent a week at my parents' place in northern Wisconsin with the whole family.  Here Dad took me for a ride in Rusty.

We did a lot of boating.  My favorite boat rides included stops at the Dairy Queen dock for blizzards.

Dan and Uncle Rick did some fishing...nice catch, guys!

Grandpa Jim made us delicious breakfasts on the outdoor griddle that included pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, and potato pancakes.  Yum!

Another favorite spot on the lake is rope swing island.  Go Dan!

Watching my siblings waterski and wakeboard from the Badger-themed pontoon boat.

Back in Green Bay, I enjoyed visiting places that serve gluten-free food.  This is Cheesecake Heaven, where I had GF chocolate chip zucchini bread.

It was great to see Grandpa Kaiser.  :)

Pedicures with Mom and my sisters.

Visiting Grandma, Nanu, Aunt Amy, and Aunt Renee in Milwaukee