Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Week in Review, Vol. 8

This week: Moon Festival, how we're doing, and the quotable Keira (中文 /Chinese edition)

Last Monday was Moon Festival in Taiwan.  To celebrate we made pomelo hats and had a BBQ with friends.

I'm still adjusting to being a mom and Chinese student.  Our new routine has necessitated more prayer and more coffee but less cleaning.  :)  Hence our house often looks like this:

A bright spot during our week is our friend Paul.  He works in one of the apartment buildings we pass by daily.  He always greets us with a big smile, snacks for Keira, and, often, a glass of fresh lemonade for me.  Every time we visit he teaches me a new Taiwanese phrase (a different language from Chinese.  Eventually, I'd like to learn both).

The quotable Keira (Chinese edition):

While on the potty, singing to herself: "Keira, jia you, jia you!" (You can do it!)
她上廁所的時候:“Keira, 加油加油!”

"Jude.  Jude!  Look.  Zhege, red.  Zhege, blue.  Ok?  OK?!"  (This one, red.  This one, blue.)
Just for the record, the things she was pointing to were actually green and pink...
“Jude。Jude!你看。這個,red。這個,blue。OK?OK? ”  ( 其實那個東西是綠色,粉色。)

After getting into a taxi, to the driver: "Chaozhou Jie!" (the name of the street we live on)
在計程車裡,她對司機說:“潮州街!“ (我們的地址)

"I toot.  I toot."  (I'm cute.)
“toot” 聽起來 “cute”, 可是“toot” 的意思是 “放屁”

Have a great week.


Friday, September 5, 2014

The Week in Review Vol. 7

What a week!

Our new daily routine is:

6:00 wake up, family breakfast
8:10-10 Kalan's Chinese class
10:20-12:10 Kayt's Chinese class
12:30 Kalan goes to work
1-3:00 kids nap, I do housework or study
4-6:00 play, visit neighborhood friends, dinner
7:00 Kalan gets home
7:30 Kids' bedtime
7:30-10:30 Chinese homework, church-related work, English teaching prep
11:00 sleep

We survived the first week (and actually enjoyed our evening "study dates.")

Before this craziness began, we were able to go on a two-day one-night getaway to Yilan to visit some friends.

Here are some pictures.  Enjoy!  

Feeding the farm animals

Small amusement park next to the farm

Taiwanese roast chicken.  Yum!

The borrowed car...we fit 3 carseats + 4 adults inside...

The beach

Our kid-friendly B&B

Gluten-free breakfast!

Swimming in a cold spring

Good friends  :)

Have a great weekend, everyone!