Friday, October 24, 2014

The Month in Review

The week month in review...

Keira turned 2!  She loves to read books, help in the kitchen, play pretend, sing songs, and hang on the monkey bars at the park.

Jude turned 6 months old, has two teeth, crawls everywhere, and started standing up by himself! 

With two little people on the move, I'm learning to ask God for wisdom more than ever before.  
"But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy..." (James 3:17)

This verse has been sticking with me, because it's hard to feel "open to reason" and "full of mercy" at 1:00 AM when your toddler's yelling, "Mama, sleeping, all done!  WAKE UP!  Nooo sleeping!"  

That's why I'm also glad this is true:

"The people God uses don't have to know a lot of things, or have a lot of things--they just have to need him a lot."  (The Jesus Storybook Bible)


Anyway, back to the highlights: Nini (my mom) came to visit for two weeks.  We enjoyed every minute!  My mom is a really empathetic and encouraging person, and I always feel refreshed by spending time with her.  She's not only a great mom but a good friend, too.  :)

Finally, as always, we are pressing on with Chinese study...

...and Keira's been helping me study for dictation tests.  
Who says learning characters can't be fun?  ;)

Have a great weekend!