Monday, June 2, 2014

From Turnip Cake to Bok Choy

Lately I've been thinking about how my kids' childhood experiences already differ vastly from my own.

For example, here's what my toddler likes to eat for...

Breakfast: Turnip Cake
Turnip and sticky rice made into a "cake."  Keira's personal record is four slices in one sitting.

Lunch: Seaweed-Tuna Triangle

Tuna and rice wrapped in seaweed.  She also likes to eat seaweed sheets plain, like chips.

Snack: Dried Fish with Almonds

Who needs goldfish crackers when you can have the real thing?  At least they're high in calcium.

Dinner: Bok Choy

"You must eat a bite of chicken and rice before you can have more bok choy."  
Yes, I really have to say that.

But don't worry.  Keira also loves cold water*, string cheese, and peanut butter...

...she's a decidedly American toddler just loving her Taiwanese world.

*Taiwanese people generally only drink room-temperature or warm water.  Cold water is said to be bad for you.