Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Family Update

What?  It's March already?!  The past six months have flown by.  Last Thursday I finished my last semester of Chinese class (for now), and Kalan is getting ready to start full-time study this week.

Grammar notes from my class.  No wonder there hasn't been much time for blogging.  Ha.
We're also getting ready to welcome baby #2 at the end of this month!  I can hardly believe we get to meet him so soon.  These wonderful ladies came over on Saturday to celebrate and pray for us as we get ready to become a family of four.

Having babies in a foreign country is much less intimidating when you're surrounded by such great friends.  :)  Thank you!
36 weeks!
  Keira is 17 months old, and learning new words each week (a mix of English and Chinese).  Recently, her favorite activities include "helping" us with the balcony garden, playing at the Daan Park sandbox (if it's sunny), and playing with homemade clay (if it's rainy).

Keira with her "seeds" (dried beans).  

Uh-oh, Mama, too sticky!
Soon to be a 姐姐 (big sister).
Looking forward to all the exciting changes this month has in store...