Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Week in Review, Vol. 12

Last week's miscellaneous happenings...from fried squid to pumpkin pie...

Last week we wrapped up another semester of Chinese classes.  To celebrate, my class drank traditional tea and practiced calligraphy.

The mailman brought us a fun surprise! Packages are a big deal when you live far from home.  Thanks for the new footwear, Uncle Jim and Aunt Liz!

Kalan and I went out on a date!  We strolled around the night market, enjoyed listening to these street musicians, and got ice cream.  Thanks for babysitting, Eline!

Keira tried fried squid-on-a-stick for the first time.  "Mmm, sooo good!" she said.

We went to a nearby amusement park with some new friends.  I can't believe we didn't discover it sooner.

It's definitely worth checking out if you have little kids.  The price is right (20 NT/ride) and it's easy to get to by MRT.  More info here:  Taipei Children's Recreation Center

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Kalan's co-workers at the school where he teaches English.

They made a gluten-free substitute for everything...including pumpkin pie!!!  I was amazed.  Thank you, John and Anne!

Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving week!


Monday, November 17, 2014

The Week in Review, Vol. 11

6 things I'm thankful for and the quotable Keira

1. We got to meet with the director for City-to-City Asia to discuss future church-planting dreams and set goals for the upcoming year.  I'm thankful for the encouragement and guidance we received, and also very grateful to our good friends who babysat while we had meetings.

2. Chinese final exams are done!  And we both passed.  :)

3.  Mama-daughter dates at the park.

4. This insightful book.

5. This week's Bible story (Abraham) and the truth that God always keeps his promises, no matter what.

6. Gluten-free pumpkin bread.

And now...the quotable Keira:

"Baby, more coffee?"

In a public restroom stall, pointing to the toilet paper roll: "Mama, more tape?"
(In Taiwan, most toilet paper for home use is sold in boxy tissue-like packages, so she rarely sees it on a roll).

(While discarding her carrot sticks and eating hummus by the spoonful instead):  "I looooove BEANS!"

Me: What are you laughing at?
Keira: I...too happy!

Keira (jumping up and down): "Mama, I so 'cited!"
Me: "Why are you excited?"
Keira: "Baba coming home!!!"

Funny, that's exactly my sentiment at 6:30 PM every day.  ;)

Have a great week.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Week in Review, Vol. 10

The week's highlights in no particular order..

1. Jude moved out of our bedroom.  Yay for reading in bed with the light on!

2. I started volume 4 of my Chinese textbook series.  Goal: to finish it before having another baby.

3. Cooler weather = lots of playtime at the park!

4. Sushi dates at a new place we discovered in our neighborhood.  

Each piece is only 15-60 cents (USD) and sooo good!

5. Our girl is growing up!  Here she's waiting for the bus before church.

6.  Our friend Matt came to visit for several days!

7. Matt and Kalan went hiking.

8. We got to introduce Matt to our neighborhood...

9.  ...and I was reminded how much I love our city and how thankful I am to live here, even though it's hard sometimes.

Have a great week, everyone.