Friday, July 22, 2016

Life in Sanchong

Today is our Taiwanniversary!

Exactly six years ago, we arrived in Taiwan.  We were two months married, jobless, homeless, and didn't speak a word of Chinese.  (Looking back now, it sounds like a disaster waiting to happen...but by God's grace we're still here!)

To celebrate, here are some pictures of our new neighborhood in Sanchong.

On the street in front of our apartment building is a traditional market, a grocery store, a convenience store, and lots of small food stalls.  Buying groceries or eating out is super easy!

Where I buy pork and chicken
Corner dumpling shop
The grocery store has a play car outside.  It's cool but makes our shopping trips twice as long.  ;)
This sweet lady gives us chunks of watermelon almost every day.
We've met lots of our neighbors, who have been very welcoming.  The couple who run a shop downstairs often give us mangoes from their mango tree.  Mmmm.

This park is just a 5-minute walk away, and we go there most mornings after breakfast (before it gets too hot).

In the late afternoons the kids and I often go out exploring.  Over the past month we've been finding useful places, like the local pool and post office.

We've also stumbled upon a few surprises, like this giant reindeer down the block...

...and a pen of unattended, hungry goats on the riverside.  (?)

Public transit is not that great here, so I got a new bike.  I can ride this one with all three kids!

Walking around Sanchong still feels overwhelming sometimes (at least to me!), but our new apartment already feels like home.

I love that we have space to sit around the dining room table.
It's a refuge from the crazy.  :)  And we've enjoyed having lots of friends over to play.

We sure have come a long way in six years.  We would not be here without you--friends and family who have prayed for us, supported us, and helped us in practical ways.
Thank you!

A mighty fortress is our God; a bulwark never failing.